Do’s and Don’t Of Juicing for Better Health

Many people opt juicing as a solution for weight loss, while others opt for it simply because they are so delicious. Juicing has gained much popularity in the recent years since it is so low in calories and provides with so many health benefits at the same time. Because of its popularity, the juicing industry has seen much advancement in recent years resulting in the newest cold press juicer varieties which slowly squeeze out all the juice from the fruits and many kinds of vegetables keeping all the healthy nutrients and enzymes alive in the drink. Although a juicer is a fairly simple tool to use and there are very low chances of going wrong while juicing, it’s will still be helpful to keep a few dos and don’ts in mind while juicing. Here is a list:

Do consume juices for instant energy:

After a workout session or a football match, if you feel the need for an instant boost of energy, juices are a great solution. Since juices are in liquid form, they are easily digestible by your system without requiring much of the energy from your system to digest the juice. The nutrients from the juice are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream and delivered to the muscles which require energy that was lost from them.

Do use vegetables in your juices:

Since most people do not include the right amount of vegetables in their diet on a daily basis, juices are an excellent way to increase your nutrient consumption from the vegetables. Leafy greens like kale and spinach are a great source of nutrients and an excellent addition to juices. You can also include fruits in the same drink to add natural sweetness and flavor to the drink. You can also use many other vegetables like celery and parsley to your drink.

Don’t consume juices in place of your meals:

No matter how nutritious and delicious juices might be for you, they cannot replace a complete meal. You need to consume a good amount of fats and proteins in your diet which will only come through a proper meal and not through juices. Juices include fruits and vegetables which provide you with substantial amounts of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates but they do not provide you with the nutrients which come through the consumption of meat, brad and other things which form a healthy meal. For more tips, check out best cold press juicer & reviews 2019.

Don’t discard the pulp:

Although it may seem like the most obvious thing to do after you make juice, don’t discard the pulp. Why waste any part of the fruits and vegetables when they are so useful. You can use the pulp in many different recipes like smoothies and hummus. The pulp contains high concentration of fiber which is essential for digestion inside your body.

Now that you know all the important dos and don’ts of juicing, you are good to go. You can now grab your cold press juicer, gather the right ingredients and start juicing.

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